Ahmedabad Map
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The idea of making a tourist map of Ahmedabad originated from using similar maps that exist in Europe. While we began keeping a tourist in mind, we soon realized that a guide map serves (and is direly required by) the locals as much. The guide becomes a bridge of sorts to connect a variety of interest groups within Ahmedabad to begin conversation with each other; to know and understand each other and therefore simultaneously themselves. Ahmedabad is fortunate to have influx of most amazing people in terms of local enterprising community or gifted craftsmen; may it be students coming from all over the globe or curious travelers. We hope this map enables conversations among these different groups of people who otherwise don't meet each other. 


The khoj map is also conceived as a bridge between a physical space and its digital counterpart to enable the user to connect to the city maximum. The instagram visual references or various facebook pages should do the same. The use of technology in this case is consciously imagined in a non-intrusive way where the physical map remains the primary point of contact providing the user a choice to further delve deeper with use of technology. 


The Journey of making has been a long (5 years!) but most rewarding one.Perhaps the map has made us as much as we have made the map. It must be acknowledged that numerous people have knowingly or unknowingly influenced and therefore contributed in bringing the map in its current form. The team may have been directly instrumental in creating it, but it wouldn't have been the same without them. Thank you!