Hand embroidered entrance decoration hanging, Toran, Kutch (Gujarat) Ahir-2268
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Hand embroidered entrance decoration hanging, Toran, Kutch (Gujarat)

Dimensions – 95 X 74 CM

An entrance decoration hanging locally known as ‘Toran’ is hand made in Ahir embroidery. ‘Toran’ are used to decorate the main entrance of the house. It is considered very auspicious in Hinduism and it is believed that it is to please and attract the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi and also to welcomes guests. 

Ahirs - the cowherd community inhabiting in Gujarat are considered to be the descendants of Lord Krishna who migrated from Gokul (Mathura) settled mostly in Kutch and Saurashtra practicing this art form. The needle work designs are usually free flowing, containing smooth curves, and ornately endowed circles following one another in a rhythmic row of embroidered patterns.

This particular Toran is highly embellished with mirrors of different sizes, embroidery using different colors threads and acrylic woolen tassels.