Namah Gift Set.
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A fine gift set of 4 bespoke fragrances inspired by Namah, the salutation that means ‘not me’. It reflects the idea that the worshiper or yogi submits to the higher self or the higher power. 
The thoughtfully designed gift set has a selection of 4 incense sticks namely, two fragrance of the Gods - Sidhidhayak Ganesh and Shivohum. 
The two fragrances of Gods are befittingly set together with the fragrances of the chakras. Eternal Blessings represents the Sahasrara Chakra or the Crown Chakra and Natural Success represents the Muladhara Chakra or the Root Chakra. 
The Namah gift set lets you experience 4 full flavoured fragrances. Begin your meditation, puja rituals or simply light them up to welcome the sunrise and to bid farewell to the sunset. Fill your salutations to the Divine with the scent of your spirituality. 
Inside the Gift Pack 
Sidhidhayak Ganesh - 30 incense sticks pack 
Shivohum - 30 incense sticks pack 
Eternal Blessings – 30 incense stick pack 
Natural Success – 30 incense stick pack 


Additional information
Weight 390gms
Height 1.8cm
Width 25.5cm
Length 29.5cm
Material Wood
Product Dimensions 0.3 x 0.3 x 20.2 cm
Color Brown