Copper Jug
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Four hundred years ago, the migration of India’s royalty to the western town of Pune gave rise to a hotspot of 'Tambat', or copper-working, artisans. Their settlement in Pune, called Tambat Ali, is the only surviving tambat community in India.Every product demands countless hours, tapping into centuries of ancestral practice. Each product begins as a piece of sheet metal that is cut and roughly shaped. Depending on the design of the product, they either spin or mould the sheet by hand to give it its preliminary form thereafter the piece is heated, cooled, and annealed until it is ready for the final phase of production. To finish the product, the artisans then use several wooden and steel head hammers, cutters, a coal-fired kiln, and 'khod karvai' — a simple, dual component tool with a wooden seat and long cast iron shaper — to give each piece its signature detail and gleam.This Copper Jug is made with such struggle for what you see as the final product.

Top Diameter-3.2" Bottom Diameter-4.1" Height-6.5"